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secondscene.co takes a social angle on movies, series and documentaries, where information like plot summaries, reviews and posters can be contributed by people like you. We aim to facilitate your take on film, by providing a frictionless and modern view.

Note: as a beta release, this website has not yet matured to its full potential. The database currently provides only minimal content since 1981 (more information will be added in phases) and many features and upgrades are waiting to be build, like for example a reputation system and a more wiki-like way of handling certain information. A consequence of changes like these is that the content "ownership" rules and access to certain features might change. This is a mere glimpse of things to come. But that depends on your input as well...

Also note that this web service was build for and using modern web browsers and has not yet been fully tested and debugged in all browsers. It is always adviced to use a standards-complaint browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.