Thomas Middleditch



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Filmography (19 titles)

Genre: Science Fiction, Action
Role: Actor (as Sam Coleman)
(movie, 2018)
Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Ed Whittle)
(movie, 2018)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Role: Actor (as Dave)
(movie, 2017)
···Once Upon a Time in Venice
Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller
Role: Actor (as John)
Genre: Action, Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Harold Hutchins (voice))
(movie, 2017)
7.0Kong: Skull Island
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Role: Actor (as Jerry (voice))
(movie, 2016)
···The Bronze
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Role: Actor (as Ben Lawfort)
(movie, 2015)
···The Final Girls
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Role: Actor (as Duncan)
(movie, 2014)
···Search Party
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Nardo)
(movie, 2014)
···Someone Marry Barry
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Kurt)
(movie, 2014)
···All's fair
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Role: Actor (as Roye)
(movie, 2013)
···The Wolf of Wall Street
Genre: Crime, Drama, Comedy
Role: Actor (as Stratton Broker in a Bowtie)
(movie, 2013)
···The Kings of Summer
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Role: Actor (as Rookie Cop)
(movie, 2012)
···The Brass Teapot
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Gilad)
(movie, 2012)
···The Campaign
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Travis)
(movie, 2010)
···The Other Guys
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Role: Actor (as Gallery Attendee)
(movie, 2009)
···The Rebound
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Role: Actor (as Maverick)
(movie, 2009)
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Justin Frost)