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2 Jul 2014

1 hr 37 min


She hit the road. The road hit back.
After losing her job and learning that her husband has been unfaithful, a woman hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 1 win & 6 nominations.
Budget: $20M


Ben Falcone


Will Ferrell (Producer)
Kevin J. Messick (Executive Producer)
Chris Henchy (Executive Producer)
Ben Falcone (Executive Producer)
Richard Brener (Executive Producer)
Melissa McCarthy (Producer)
Michael Disco (Executive Producer)
Toby Emmerich (Executive Producer)
Adam McKay (Producer)
Rob Cowan (Executive Producer)




Melissa McCarthy (as Tammy)
Susan Sarandon (as Pearl)
Kathy Bates (as Lenore)
Allison Janney (as Deb)
Dan Aykroyd (as Don)
Gary Cole (as Earl)
Sandra Oh (as Susan)
Mark Duplass (as Bobby)
Toni Collette (as Missi)
Nat Faxon (as Greg)
Ben Falcone (as Keith)
Sarah Baker (as Becky)
Mia Rose Frampton (as Karen)
Rich Williams (as Larry)
Steve Little (as Jet Ski Rental Guy)
Dakota Lee (as Kathleen)
Mark L. Young (as Jesse)
Steve Mallory (as Cashier)
Big Al Hall (as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band)
Jones Smith (as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band)
Joe Baxter (as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band)
Benjamin Chontos (as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band)
Sean Gould (as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band)
Keith Welborn (as DJ)
Oscar Gale (as Javier)
Willie Hill (as Prison Guard)
Zach Hanner (as Man at Blue Post Bar-B-Que)
Jason Vail (as Man at Blue Post Bar-B-Que)
Leon Lamar (as Old Man with Walker)
Larry Dorf (as Officer Mannis)
Ricky Muse (as Officer Curtis)
Barbara Weetman (as Officer Carty)
William Flaman (as La Grange Bail Cop)
Rey Hernandez (as Cop at Lakehouse)
Penn Charles Holderness (as News Anchor)
Michelle Li (as News Reporter)
Raven Whisnant (as Charlotte)
Damon Jones (as Jerry Miller)
Sandy McCarthy (as Two Old Ladies Leaving a Bar)
Margo Passas (as Two Old Ladies Leaving a Bar)



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