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Brother's War

26 May 2009

Action, Drama

The story is set in the latter days of World War 2, against the backdrop of fierce combat on the eastern front. Brother's War is based on real events.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Tino Struckmann (as Capt. Klaus Mueller)
Michael Berryman (as Col. Petrov)
Olivier Gruner (as Anton)
Hayley Carr (as Anna)
Hugh Daly (as Maj. Andrew Pearman)
Jack Dimich (as NKVD Officer)
Adam Leadbeater (as Lt. Ivanov)
Tye Olson (as Emil)
Steve Holm (as Friedrich)
Boris Kievsky (as Sergie)
Dylan Kenin (as Gestapo Officer)
Time Winters (as Zindrowski)
Joshua Minnick (as German Prisoner #2)
Andreas T. Ramani (as German Prisoner #1)
Mark Doerr (as German Sergeant)



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