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The Mule


14 Dec 2018

1 hr 56 min

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Nobody Runs Forever
A 90-year-old horticulturalist and WWII veteran is caught transporting $3 million worth of cocaine through Michigan for a Mexican drug cartel.


Status: Released
Countries: Canada, USA
Languages: Spanish, English
Budget: $50M


Clint Eastwood (Producer)
Dan Friedkin (Producer)




Clint Eastwood (as Earl Stone)
Bradley Cooper (as Colin Bates)
Laurence Fishburne (as DEA Special Agent)
Michael Peña (as Enforcer)
Dianne Wiest (as Mary)
Andy García (as Laton)
Alison Eastwood (as Iris)
Taissa Farmiga (as Ginny)
Ignacio Serricchio (as Cartel Handler)
Loren Dean (as DEA Agent Brown)
Victor Rasuk (as Rico)
Manny Montana (as Axl)
Clifton Collins, Jr. (as Gustavo)
Noel Gugliemi (as Bald Rob)
Robert LaSardo (as Emilio)
Eugene Cordero (as Luis Rocha)
Jill Flint (as Pam)
Paul Alayo (as Sal)
Lee Coc (as Assault Rifle Guy · Assault Rifel Guy)
Katie Gill (as Sarah)
Sparrow Nicole (as Ashlyn Bates)
Scott Dale (as The Clown)
Joe Knezevich (as Dave)
Charles Lawlor (as Phil)
Saul Huezo (as Andres)
Daniel Moncada (as Eduardo)
Austin Freeman (as Mike)
Jackie Prucha (as Helen)
Lobo Sebastian
Diego Cataño
Devon Ogden (as Pretty Woman)
Monica Mathis (as Pedestrian)
Ashani Roberts (as Pretty Nurse)



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