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14 Dec 2018

1 hr 27 min

Crime, Drama

Some crimes never let you go
The lone surviving thief of a violent armored car robbery is sprung from a high security facility and administered an experimental drug.


Status: Released
Countries: USA, Canada
Language: English


Ryan Black (Co-Executive Producer)
Michael J. Urann (Associate Producer)
Meadow Williams (Executive Producer)
Sam Slater (Executive Producer)
Wayne Marc Godfrey (Executive Producer)
Bryan Brucks (Executive Producer)
Kirk Shaw (Executive Producer)
Anthony Callie (Co-Producer)
Vance Owen (Executive Producer)
William B. Steakley (Line Producer)
Alexander Eckert (Executive Producer)
Christelle Conan (Executive Producer)
Scott Carmel (Executive Producer)
Mark Lawyer (Executive Producer)
Sergio Rizzuto (Executive Producer)
Delphine Perrier (Executive Producer)
Noel Ashman (Executive Producer)
Marc Goldberg (Executive Producer)
Brinton Bryan (Co-Producer)
Arianne Fraser (Executive Producer)
Matt Luber (Producer)
David Bernon (Executive Producer)
Ted Fox (Executive Producer)
Simon Williams (Executive Producer)
Ambyr Childers (Producer)
Swen Temmel (Executive Producer)
Stan Wertlieb (Executive Producer)
Henry Winterstern (Executive Producer)
Barry Brooker (Executive Producer)
Randall Emmett (Producer)
George Furla (Producer)
Mark Stewart (Producer)
Martin Blencowe (Executive Producer)
Timothy C. Sullivan (Co-Producer)




Matthew Modine (as MacDonald)
Sylvester Stallone (as Sykes)
Ryan Guzman (as Lucas)
Meadow Williams (as Erin)
Tyler J. Olson (as Farren)
Colin Egglesfield (as Carter)
Christopher McDonald (as Franks)
Sergio Rizzuto (as Foster)
Swen Temmel (as Truby)
Joe Gelchion (as Captain Stover)
Lydia Hull (as Dr. Nichols)
Brooks Nader (as Orderly Lisa)
Nick Petron (as Res. Mgr Walter)
Jenna Willis (as Detective Bay)
David Yuzuk (as Deputy)
Baylee Curran (as Security Guard Alicia)
Alanna Tremblay (as News Reporter)
Rylee Emmett (as Rachel)
London Emmett (as Rae)
Tamara Belous (as Melissa)
Jesse Pruett (as Bartender Jonathan)
Wesley Heid (as Andrew)
Heather Johansen (as Sara)



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