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Creed II


20 Nov 2018

2 hr 10 min

Drama, Action

There's More to Lose than a Title
Follows Adonis Creed's life inside and outside of the ring as he deals with new found fame, issues with his family, and his continuing quest to become a champion.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: Russian, English
Budget: $50M


Michael B. Jordan (Executive Producer)
Ryan Coogler (Executive Producer)
Guy Riedel (Executive Producer)
Sylvester Stallone (Producer)


(Characters · Screenplay)


Michael B. Jordan (as Adonis Creed)
Sylvester Stallone (as Rocky Balboa)
Tessa Thompson (as Bianca Taylor)
Phylicia Rashād (as Mary Anne Creed)
Dolph Lundgren (as Ivan Drago)
Florian Munteanu (as Viktor Drago)
Brigitte Nielsen (as Ludmilla Drago)
Wood Harris (as Tony 'Little Duke' Evers)
Russell Hornsby (as Buddy Marcell)
Andre Ward (as Danny 'Stuntman' Wheeler)
Milo Ventimiglia (as Robert Balboa)
Robbie Johns (as Logan Balboa)
Jacob 'Stitch' Duran (as Stitch)
Patrice Harris (as Padman)
Ana Gerena (as Adrian's Waitress)
Christopher Mann (as Dr Percy Ewell)
Robert Douglas (as Kyri)
Benjamin Vaynshelboym (as Russian Construction Supervisor)
Angelina Shipilina (as Russian Debutante)
Pavel Vakunov (as Russian Politician)
Oleg Ivanov (as Russian Businessman)
Pete Postiglione (as Reporter)
Billy Vargus (as Reporter)
Zack Beyer (as Photographer)
Chrisdine King (as Casino Bartender)
Johanna Tolentino (as Pharmacist)
Eleni Delopoulos (as Nurse)
Marcia Myers (as Obstetrics Nurse)
Ivo Nandi (as Russian Referee)
Dmitry Torgovitsky (as Ukranian Referee)
Michael Buffer (as Himself)
Jim Lampley (as Jim Lampley)
Max Kellerman (as Max Kellerman)
Roy Jones Jr. (as Roy Jones Jr.)



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