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Terminator: Dark Fate


23 Oct 2019

2 hr 8 min

Action, Science Fiction

Welcome to the day after judgement day
The sixth film in the "Terminator" series will pick up where the second film left off, ignoring all the subsequent sequels.


Status: Released
Countries: China, USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Budget: $185M


Tim Miller


Bonnie Curtis (Executive Producer)
Julie Lynn (Executive Producer)
Dana Goldberg (Executive Producer)
David Ellison (Producer)
John J. Kelly (Executive Producer)
Don Granger (Executive Producer)
James Cameron (Producer)
Edward Cheng (Executive Producer)


(Characters · Screenstory)
(Screenplay · Screenstory)
(Screenplay · Screenstory)


Natalia Reyes (as Daniela "Dani" Ramos)
Mackenzie Davis (as Grace)
Linda Hamilton (as Sarah Connor)
Gabriel Luna (as Rev-9)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Carl · The Terminator)
Diego Boneta (as Diego Ramos)
Fraser James (as Major Dean)
Alicia Borrachero (as Carl's Wife)
Enrique Arce (as Dani Ramos's Father)
Edward Furlong (as John Connor)
Jude Collie (as John Connor (Body Double))
Brett Azar (as T-800 "Model 101" (Body Double))
Nicholas Wittman (as F-35 Pilot)
Mario de la Rosa (as Mexico City Cop)
Claudia Trujillo (as Maria)
Rochelle Neil (as C-5 Co-Pilot)
Tom Hopper (as Hadrell)
Steven Cree (as Rigby)
Pete Ploszek (as Akers)
Tábata Cerezo (as Julia)
Christine Horn (as Owens)
Pedro Rudolphi (as Cholo)
Blair Jackson (as JP)
Kacy Owens (as Maggie Clinton)
Phillip Garcia (as Rusty)
Lorna Brown (as Agent Brenner)
Stuart McQuarrie (as Manager)
Tristán Ulloa (as Felipe Gandal)



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