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12 Sep 2019

1 hr 47 min

Comedy, Crime, Drama

Inspired by Jessica Pressler's "The Hustlers at Scores," which details a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, Russian, Spanish
Budget: $20M


Pamela Thur (Executive Producer)
Megan Ellison (Executive Producer)
Chelsea Barnard (Producer)
Adam Fogelson (Executive Producer)
Robert Simonds (Executive Producer)
Jessica Elbaum (Producer)
Benny Medina (Producer)
Lorene Scafaria (Co-Producer)
Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas (Producer)
Alex Brown (Executive Producer)
Gloria Sanchez (Producer)
Will Ferrell (Producer)
Jennifer Lopez (Producer)




Constance Wu (as Destiny)
Jennifer Lopez (as Ramona Vega)
Julia Stiles (as Elizabeth)
Keke Palmer (as Mercedes)
Lili Reinhart (as Annabelle)
Lizzo (as Liz)
Cardi B (as Diamond)
Mercedes Ruehl (as Mother)
Trace Lysette (as Tracey)
Usher Raymond (as Himself)
G-Eazy (as Johnny)
Mette Towley (as Justice)
Madeline Brewer (as Dawn)
Stormi Maya (as Angel)
Tia Barr (as Talia)
Ching Hoh-Wai (as Destiny’s Grandmother)
Doris McCarthy (as Bar Patron)
Steven Boyer (as Doug)
Vanessa Aspillaga (as Manuela)
Ken Holmes (as Broker)
Leonard Zimmerman (as Diner Guy)
Molly Williams (as Stripper)
David Wenzel (as Shit Faced Guy)
Daymien Valentino (as Mover)
Nicholas Suech (as Strip Club Parton)
Emma Batiz (as 12-Year-Old Juliet)
Dov Davidoff (as Manager)
Brandon Keener (as Alpha)
Frank Whaley (as Reese)
Devin Ratray (as Stephen)



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