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Spies in Disguise


24 Dec 2019

1 hr 42 min

Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy

Super Spy. Super Fly.
When the world's best spy is turned into a pigeon, he must rely on his nerdy tech officer to save the world.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $111M


Michael J. Travers (Producer)
Jenno Topping (Producer)


(Original Film Writer)
(Story Artist)
(Story Artist)
(Story Artist)
(Story Artist)


Will Smith (as Lance Sterling (voice))
Tom Holland (as Walter Beckett (voice))
Rashida Jones (as Marcy Kappel (voice))
Ben Mendelsohn (as Killian (voice))
Reba McEntire (as Joyless (voice))
Rachel Brosnahan (as Wendy (voice))
Karen Gillan (as Eyes (voice))
DJ Khaled (as Ears (voice))
Masi Oka (as Kimura (voice))
Mark Ronson (as Agency Control Room Technician (voice))
Olly Murs (as Junior Agent (Voice - uncredited))
Toru Uchikado (as Yakuza #1)
Toshiya Agata (as Yakuza #3)
Hiroshi Otaguro (as Yakuza #5)
Carla Jimenez (as Geraldine)
Tawny Newsome (as Agency Employee #1)
J. B. Blanc (as Agency Employee #2 · Marcy's Agent #3)
William-Christopher Stephens (as Agency Employee #4 · Marcy's Agent #5)
Peter S. Kim (as Agency Employee #6 · Joon · Marcy's Agent #4 (voice))
Gabriel Conte (as Agency Employee #7)
Rashawn Nadine Scott (as Lab Technician (voice))
Stefania Spampinato (as Agency Employee # 10 · Italian Woman)
Nick Bruno (as Agency Employee #11 · Pigeon Voice)
Troy Quane (as Agency Employee #12)
Eddie Mujica (as Agency Accountant · Male Tourist)



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