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Uncut Gems

13 Dec 2019

2 hr 15 min

Crime, Thriller

This is how I win.
Howard Ratner, a charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score, makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, Hebrew


David Koplan (Executive Producer)
Emma Tillinger Koskoff (Executive Producer)
Scott Rudin (Producer)
Sebastian Bear-McClard (Producer)
Anthony Katagas (Executive Producer)
Oscar Boyson (Producer)
Martin Scorsese (Executive Producer)
Eli Bush (Producer)




Adam Sandler (as Howard Ratner)
Julia Fox (as Julia De Flore)
Keith Stanfield (as Demany)
Idina Menzel (as Dinah Ratner)
Kevin Garnett (as Kevin Garnett)
Judd Hirsch (as Gooey)
The Weeknd (as The Weeknd)
Tilda Swinton (as Anna (voice))
John Amos (as John Amos)
Trinidad James (as Trinidad James)
Eric Bogosian (as Arno)
Marcia DeBonis (as Drama Teacher)
Pom Klementieff (as Lexis)
Jeremy Sample (as KG Bodyguard 2)
Hailey Gates (as Adley's Receptionist)
Noa Fisher (as Marcel)
Anthony Mecca (as Michael)
Jake Ryan (as Dwarf 2)
Natasha Lyonne (as Boston Player Personnel (voice))
Sahar Bibiyan (as Ida)
Josh Ostrovsky (as Noah)
Robbie DeRaffele (as 76er)
Warren Finkelstein (as Dr. Blauman)
Keith Williams Richards (as Phil)
Thomas Kominik (as Nico)
Maksud Agadjani (as Yussi)
Ca$h Out (as Ca$h Out)
Andrea Linsky (as Joani)
Roman Persits (as Roman)
Paloma Elsesser (as Kat)
Mike Francesa (as Gary)
Gerard "Dash" McQuiller (as KG Friend 2)
Darien Howard (as TDS Delivery Man)
Jonathan Aranbayev (as Eddie Ratner)
Todd Vulpio (as David the Jeweler)
Ronald Greenberg (as Rodney Bronstein)
Marshall Greenberg (as Steve Bronstein)
Michael A. Sollecito (as Waiter)
Sean Ringgold (as KG Bodyguard 1)
Damany Eastman (as KG Friend 1)
Jacob Igielski (as Beni)
Shemsi Selimaj (as Nino)
Arthur Borukhov (as Elan)
Stuart Wenig (as Larry's Brother)
Mitchell Wenig (as Larry)
Mesfin Lamengo (as Wounded Miner)
Sun Zhi Hua-Hilton (as Mine Foreman)
Sunny Wu Jin Zahao (as Mine Management 2)
Liang Wei-Hui-Duncan (as Mine Management 1)
Daneke Muhugeta (as Lead Miner 1)
Habtunu Africho (as Lead Miner 2)
Raleem Moses (as Sixers Security Guard)
Keren Shemel (as Eiline Goldfarb)
Max Bartos (as Dwarf 1)
Louis Anthony Arias (as Buddy)
Aren Topian (as Eric Goldfarb)
Lino Eisenberg (as Danny the Woodsman)
Shiv Pai (as Dwarf 3)
Kerwin Frost (as DJ at 10 OAK (voice))
La Mar Taylor (as Friend of the Weeknd)
William Sappe (as Nightclub Security Guard)
Greg Yuna (as Flawless)
Victor Plajas (as Abel's Bodyguard 1)
Ricky Barksdale (as Abel's Bodyguard 2)
Jennifer Venditti (as KG's Agent (voice))
Larry 'Ratso' Sloman (as Man on Street)
Benjy Kleiner (as Aaron)
Svetlana B. Levitin (as Ruth)
Roza Babekova (as Rachel)
Jessica Mullayev (as Natalie)
Izra Malakov (as Izra)
Brad Davidorf (as Radio DJ (Voice))
Ralph Colucci (as Night Doorman)
Marty Tendler (as Concierge)
Conor Coyne (as Neighbor 33H)
Alexander Gilkes (as Adley's Auctioneer)
Jennifer Sacks (as Kevin Garnett's Manager)
Wayne Diamond (as High Roller)
Debbie DeLisi (as Mohegan Sun Teller)
Chad Neves (as Supervisor)
Ara Daglian (as Gambler in Sports Book)
Glenn "Doc" Rivers (as Doc Rivers)
Erika Wachter (as Post Game Interview)
Paige Neuenschwander (as Audience member)
Cassie Prusiensky (as Pedestrian)
Ursula Triplett (as CASINO EMPLOYEE)



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