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A Fall From Grace

17 Jan 2020

2 hr


Every Woman Has A Breaking Point
When a law-abiding woman gets indicted for murdering her husband, her lawyer soon realizes that a larger conspiracy may be at work.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Tyler Perry


Will Areu (Producer)
Mark E. Swinton (Producer)
Tyler Perry (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Tyler Perry Studios


Crystal R. Fox (as Grace)
Phylicia Rashād (as Sarah)
Bresha Webb (as Jasmine)
Mehcad Brooks (as Shannon)
Cicely Tyson (as Alice)
Tyler Perry (as Rory)
Donovan Christie Jr. (as Donnie)
Walter Fauntleroy (as Malcolm)
Angela Marie Rigsby (as Tilsa)
Steve Mapel (as Walt (voice))
Sandra Ellis Lafferty (as Mrs. Fieldman)
Adrian Pasdar (as Prosecutor Bradley Tankerton)
Nathan Anderson (as Prosecutor)
Amy Gordon (as Gallery Owner)
Lori Lail Marette (as Bank Secretary)
Michael Rose (as Mr. Clyde)
Mitchell Frances (as Female Banker)
Chuanica Pickard (as Young Lady)
Michael Ray Davis (as Judge)
Brad Brinkley (as Bailiff)
Kelley Lockman (as Guard)
James Healy Jr. (as Detective Marshall Thomas)
Merry Jo Cortada (as Pathologist)
Caroline Carter (as Reporter)
Danielle Hoetmer (as Reporter)
John Paul Marston (as Reporter)
Michelle Davidson (as Reporter)
A.A. Loyd (as Old Lady)
Nancy De Mayo (as Interviewer)
Heidi Rew (as Dispatch (voice))
Adam Cronan (as Radio Voice (voice))
Prentice Osborne (as Interviewer (Radio))
Sheri Mann Stewart (as Juror)
LaKeysha Edwards (as Public Defenders Secretary)
Erica D. Brown (as Gospel Choir Member)
Glenn Richard (as Gospel Choir Member)
Greg Kirkland Jr. (as Gospel Choir Member)
Isaac Britt (as Gospel Choir Member)
Laquinté Brinson (as Gospel Choir Member)
Leslie Kirkland (as Gospel Choir Member)
Marissa Patrice Rouse (as Gospel Choir Member)
Monique C Baisden (as Gospel Choir Member)
Shirley Jean Rouse (as Gospel Choir Member)
Zebulon Ellis (as Gospel Choir Member)
Darius Scott (as Piano Player)
Cerod Butler (as Drummer)



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