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Isi & Ossi

14 Feb 2020

1 hr 53 min

Romance, Comedy

Isi and Ossi couldn't be any more different: She's a billionaire's daughter from Heidelberg, he's a struggling boxer from the nearby town of Mannheim. But when Isi meets Ossi, the two quickly realize that they can take advantage of one another: She dates the broke boxer to provoke her parents and get them to fund a long-desired chef training in New York. He tries to rip off the rich daughter to finance his first professional boxing match. Their plans soon develop into emotional chaos that challenges everything the two believe to know about money, career and love.


Status: Released
Country: Germany
Language: German


Oliver Kienle


Ulli Neumann (Line Producer)
Stefan Arndt (Producer)
Uwe Schott (Producer)
Jorgo Narjes (Producer)



Production Companies

X Filme Creative Pool


Lisa Vicari (as Isi)
Dennis Mojen (as Ossi)
Lisa Hagmeister (as Betty Markowski)
Ernst Stötzner (as Grandpa)
Christina Hecke (as Claudia Voigt)
Hans-Jochen Wagner (as Manfred Voigt)
Walid Al-Atiyat (as Tschünni)
Zoë Straub (as Camilla Victoria Maria Patricia Mercedes Sissi Marion Philipp Béatrice Abelina Andresen)
Bettina Hoppe (as Kerstin Wiese, Burger Shop Boss)
Saladin Dellers (as Marf, Burger Shop Employee)
Susanna Capurso (as Gabriella Rizzi)
André Eisermann (as Spasti, Ossi's Coach)
Albert Kitzl (as Klaus, Security Guard)
Nayla Sophie Brehmer (as Isi (4))
Livia Renner (as Camilla (4))
Gabriel Grabas (as Ossi (7))
Nova Amondson (as Isi (10))
Franz Ferdinand Krause (as Ossi (10))
Jonas Spaeth (as Tschünni (10, 12))
Mila Zellmer (as Isi (12))
Jeremiah Kisters (as Ossi (12))
Pegah Ferydoni (as Drunk Teacher)
Johanna Eiworth (as Chef)
Erik Hansen (as Volker, Artist)
Ralf Dittrich (as Gas Station Customer)
Natalie Schaaf (as Fitness Trainer)
Langston Uibel (as Finn, Rich Date)
Julia Lea Wulf (as Marlene, Rich Model)
Louis-Nicolai Nitsche (as Ferdy, Rich Son)
David Gentner (as Kitchen Help)
Tracey Grey (as Private Teacher)
Nicolás Di Rago (as Santino Borges)
Matthias Schmidt (as Taxman)
Oliver Jaksch (as Cross-Eyed Guy)
Timothy Alan Munt (as Inmate 1)
Vitali Skrobot (as Inmate 2)
Klaus Berchner (as Gallery Guest)
Zino Gleich (as Battle Rap Judge)
Michael Steiner (as Atomic Dick)
Lissa-Johanna Volquartz (as Atomic Pussy)
Christoph Pütthoff (as Financial Advisor)
Inaam Al-Battat (as Tschünni's Mother)
László Branko Breiding (as Rapper who dissed Grandpa)
Dominikus Weileder (as Young Arms Dealer)
Niklas Kinzel (as Yannis Vukovic)
Jens Grunwald (as Boxing Referee)
Ranja Bonalana (as Narrator (voice))



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