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Deep Blue Sea 3


28 Jul 2020

1 hr 39 min

Action, Horror, Science Fiction

Deadlier than ever.
Dr. Emma Collins and her team are spending their third summer on the island of Little Happy studying the effect of climate change on the great white sharks who come to the nearby nursery every year to give birth. Along with the last two inhabitants of this former fishing village, their peaceful life is disrupted when a "scientific" team led by her ex-boyfriend and marine biologist Richard show up looking for three bull sharks who we soon learn aren't just any bull sharks.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $5M


David Wicht (Co-Producer)
Patty Reed (Producer)
Tom Keniston (Executive Producer)
Theuns De Wet (Co-Producer)
Hunt Lowry (Producer)



Production Companies

Roserock Films


Tania Raymonde (as Emma Collins)
Nathaniel Buzolic (as Richard Lowell)
Emerson Brooks (as Eugene Shaw)
Bren Foster (as Lucas)
Reina Aoi (as Miya)
Alexander Bhat (as Spin)
Siya Mayola (as Bahari)
Avumile Qongqo (as Nandi)
Brashaad Mayweather (as Brown)
Ernest St Claire (as Schill)
DeVille Vannik (as Earls)



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