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6 Sep 2012

1 hr 36 min

Action, Crime, Thriller

Never steal from the world's greatest thief.
A former thief frantically searches for his missing daughter, who has been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: Swedish, English
Budget: $35M


Cassian Elwes (Executive Producer)
John Thompson (Executive Producer)
Jesse Kennedy (Producer)
Jib Polhemus (Executive Producer)
René Besson (Producer)
Danny Dimbort (Executive Producer)
Trevor Short (Executive Producer)
Avi Lerner (Executive Producer)
Kristina Dubin (Executive Producer)
Lonnie Ramati (Co-Executive Producer)
Matthew Joynes (Producer)
Boaz Davidson (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Saturn Films
Nu Image


Nicolas Cage (as Will Montgomery)
Danny Huston (as Tim Harlend)
Malin Akerman (as Riley Jeffers)
Sami Gayle (as Alison Loeb)
Mark Valley (as Fletcher)
M.C. Gainey (as Hoyt)
Josh Lucas (as Vincent Kinsey)
Edrick Browne (as Jacobs)
Barry Shabaka Henley (as Reginald)
J.D. Evermore (as Rookie)
Garrett Hines (as Aaron)
Kevin Foster (as Motorcycle Cop)
Tanc Sade (as Pete)
Dan Braverman (as LeFleur)
Jon Eyez (as Bertrand)
Marcus Lyle Brown (as Matthews)
Matt Nolan (as Tessler)
Tyler Forrest (as Teenage Cab Driver)
Shanna Forrestall (as Harlend's Assistant)
Brian Kinney (as FBI agent #1)
Joe Williams (as FBI agent #2)
Derek Schreck (as FBI Guard #1)
Tim Bell (as Cop #1)
Kyle Russell Clements (as FBI Surveillance #1)
Mustafa Harris (as FBI Surveillance #2)
John McConnell (as Drunk Businessman)
Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis (as Taylor)
Bernadette Ralphs (as Kiosk Girl)
Emily West (as Frightened Girl in Car)
Tom Waite (as FBI Agent (uncredited))
Randall Nelms (as Stakeout Agent)



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